Designing & Manufacturing Experiences:

1. Pilot Scale Devices

- Supercritical Fluid Extractor (Solubility and Retrograde Crystallization)
- Gas and Water Flooding Pilot Scale Apparatus for Oil and Gas Reservoirs )
- PVT Cell
- Plasma Reactor for Production of Diamond Films
- Calcinator
- Water Flooding Pilot Scale Apparatus
- Hold Up Apparatus
- Minimum Miscibility Apparatus (Core Holder)
- Gas Hydrate Formation in a Laboratory Flow Loop (For Natural Gas Pipelines)
- Gas Hydrate Formation in a laboratory flow loop (For Drilling Mud)
- Wax Precipitation in a Laboratory Flow Loop
- MTP Reactor

2. Laboratory Equipments

2.1- Petroleum Engineering Laboratory Equipments:

- ASTM Distillation
- Reid Vapor Pressure Test
- Redwood Viscosity
- Flash Point
- Water Content
- Salt Content
- Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus

2.2- Gas Engineering Laboratory Equipments:

- Gas Gravity Apparatus
- Gas Dew Point Apparatus
- Flame Stability Apparatus
- Calorimeter Apparatus
- Tut Wiler Apparatus
- Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus
- CO2 and H2S Content Measuring Device

2.3- Process Control Laboratory Equipments

-Temperature Control of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Device
-Pressure Control Device
-Flow rate Control Device
-Level Control with Interacting and Non-Interacting Linear and Quadratic Systems Device

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