Dr. D. Mowla Journals

Dr. D. Mowla Conference

Selected Publications:

  • Qajar, J. and Mowla, D., “Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide with Ammonia Over Silica- Supported Vanadium Oxide Catalyst”, Chemical Engineering Communications Journal, Vol 196, Issue 9, pp 1090-1101(2009).

  • Mowla, D. and Naderi, A., “Experimental Investigation of Drag Reduction in Annular Two Phase Flow of Oil and Air”, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 32, No B6, pp 601-609(2008).

  • Mowla, D. and Sayad Amin, J., “Simulation of Heap Leaching Process by PSPD Model”, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 33, No B3, pp253-265(2009).

  • Hashemi, G., Mowla, D. and Kazemeini, M., Moisture Diffusivity and Shrinkage of Broad Beans During Bulk Drying in an Inert Medium Fluidized Bed Dryer Assisted by Dielectric Heating, J. of Food Engineering(accepted).

  • Talaghat, M. R., Esmaeilzadeh, F. and Mowla, D., “Sand Production Control by Chemical Consolidation”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol 67, pp 34-40(2009).
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